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Active Learning Community

The IEEE GRIET Student Branch (SB) is a part of the global IEEE community, dedicated to advancing technology for humanity. Established to foster innovation, education, and technical development among students, IEEE GRIET SB organizes various workshops, seminars, and conferences. It provides a platform for students to collaborate on cutting-edge research and industry projects. The branch aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, nurturing future leaders in engineering and technology. Through these initiatives, IEEE GRIET SB empowers students to achieve professional excellence and contribute to technological advancements.

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To help students and professionals explore the benefits of IEEE and encourage them to evolve into competent engineers by providing unwavering foundation and support in distinct domains of engineering by conducting knowledge sharing sessions in the form of workshops, talks, seminars, Faculty Development Programs, webinars, competitions and much more.


To enhance the knowledge of faculty and students with regard to recent advancements in technology. Introduce student members to various domains of volunteering and explore diverse job opportunities and career choices by familiarizing them with industry-level tools and knowledge by collaborating with different Student Branches, Chapters and Sections to build a stronger community for the greater good.

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Core Values

  • Trust: Serve as a trusted, unbiased source for technical information and forums.

  • Growth and Nurturing: Promote education at all levels to ensure a pipeline of future professionals.

  • Global Community Building: Foster vibrant, honest exchanges among global, cross-disciplinary technical professionals.

  • Partnership: Cultivate a culture of respect and empowerment, investing in training and development.

  • Service to Humanity: Use science, technology, and engineering to benefit human welfare.

Upcoming events

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment
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